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V13125/T-LF Original Compaq Presario V2000 M2000 LCD Inverter


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V13125/T-LF Original Compaq Presario V2000 M2000 LCD Inverter
Specification:Perfectly working with the HP/Compaq Laptop LCDs
Fix your laptop LCD backlight
Unit: PCS 
Type: Laptop LCD Inverter
Weight: 50.00 g
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 6 Months
Factory Part Number:
2994729902 305.00126 A023172310
AS023172018 AS023172069 AS0231720B6
AS023172166 AS0231721B3 AS023172328
AS023172C01 AS023172C10 AS023172C28
ASO23172140 DAC-08b061 DAC-08N007
IV13125/T N137 P13125 PWB-IV13125
PWB-IV13125T/C2-E-LF PWB-IV13125TXF/C2 T18I077.03

Compatible Models:
Presario M2000 Series Presario M2000Z Series Presario M2001XX Series
Presario M2005US Series Presario M2010CA Series Presario M2010US Series
Presario M2015LA Series Presario M2070US Series Presario M2099XX Series
Presario MV IUR Series Presario M2101US Series Presario M2105CA Series
Presario M2105US Series Presario M2108US Series Presario M2200Z Series
Presario M2001AL Series Presario M2002AL Series Presario M2003AP Series
Presario M2005AP Series Presario M2006AP Series Presario M2009AP Series
Presario M2010AP Series Presario M2010US Series Presario M2012AP Series
Presario M2013AP Series Presario M2017AP Series Presario M2018US Series
Presario M2019AP Series Presario M2023AP Series Presario M2028AP Series
Presario M2029AP Series Presario M2031AP Series Presario M2033AP Series
Presario M2037AP Series Presario M2043AP Series Presario M2045AP Series
Presario M2070US Series Presario M2202TU Series Presario M2211AP Series
Presario M2217AP Series Presario M2235AP Series Presario M2241AP Series
Presario V2000 Series Presario V2001XX Series Presario V2002AP Series
Presario V2004AP Series Presario V2006AP Series Presario V2007AP Series
Presario V2008AP Series Presario V2009AP Series Presario V2010AP Series
Presario V2014AP Series Presario V2018AP Series Presario V2019AP Series
Presario V2021AP Series Presario V2024AP Series Presario V2026AP Series
Presario V2027AP Series Presario V2028AP Series Presario V2029AP Series
Presario V2030AP Series Presario V2030US Series Presario V2031AP Series
Presario V2035AP Series Presario V2039AP Series Presario V2042AP Series
Presario V2111AP Series Presario V2120EA Series Presario V2124AP Series
Presario V2133AP Series Presario V2134AP Series Presario V2141AP Series
Presario V2157AP Series Presario V2305US Series Presario V2306AP Series
Presario V2309US Series Presario V2310CA Series Presario V2310US Series
Presario V2311US Series Presario V2312US Series Presario V2317AP Series
Presario V2321AP Series Presario V2339AP Series Presario V2350AP Series
Presario V2356AP Series Presario V2359AP Series Presario V2361AP Series
Presario V2374AP Series Presario V2391TU Series Presario V2404US Series
Presario V2409US Series Presario V2410CA Series Presario V2410CL Series
Presario V2410US Series Presario V2413US Series Presario V2414NR Series
Presario V2419US Series Presario V2424NR Series Presario V2575US Series
Presario V2670CA Series

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