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Lenovo IdeaPad AC Adapter 90 Watt Slim 36001647

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Lenovo IdeaPad AC Adapter 90 Watt Slim 36001647

Product Description

Genuine Lenovo IdeaPad Z470 Z570 V470 V570 AC Adapter 90 Watt Slim 36001647

INPUT: 100-240V, 50-60Hz (for worldwide use)

OUTPUT: 20V 4.5A, 90WConnecter size:5.5mm×2.5mm , Barrel Tip (ref to the picture).

Compatible Models:

LENOVO B480 Series LENOVO B485 Series LENOVO B580 Series
LENOVO B585 Series
LENOVO E49 Series
LENOVO G480 Series LENOVO G485 Series LENOVO G580 Series
LENOVO G585 Series
LENOVO M490 Series LENOVO M495 Series
LENOVO N580 Series LENOVO N581 Series LENOVO N585 Series
LENOVO N586 Series
LENOVO P580 Series LENOVO P585 Series
LENOVO V480 Series LENOVO V480c Series LENOVO V480s Series
LENOVO V580 Series LENOVO V580c Series
LENOVO Y480 Series LENOVO Y485 Series LENOVO Y580 Series
LENOVO Z380 Series LENOVO Z480 Series LENOVO Z485 Series
LENOVO Z580 Series LENOVO Z585 Series
LENOVO IdeaPad B480 Series LENOVO IdeaPad B485 Series LENOVO IdeaPad B580 Series
LENOVO IdeaPad B585 Series
LENOVO IdeaPad G480 Series LENOVO IdeaPad G485 Series LENOVO IdeaPad G580 Series
LENOVO IdeaPad G585 Series
LENOVO IdeaPad N580 Series LENOVO IdeaPad N581 Series LENOVO IdeaPad N585 Series
LENOVO IdeaPad N586 Series
LENOVO IdeaPad P580 Series LENOVO IdeaPad P585 Series
LENOVO IdeaPad V480 Series LENOVO IdeaPad V480c Series LENOVO IdeaPad V480s Series
LENOVO IdeaPad V580 Series LENOVO IdeaPad V580c Series
LENOVO IdeaPad Y480 Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y485 Series LENOVO IdeaPad Y580 Series
LENOVO IdeaPad Z380 Series LENOVO IdeaPad Z480 Series LENOVO IdeaPad Z485 Series
LENOVO IdeaPad Z580 Series LENOVO IdeaPad Z585 Series
LENOVOThinkPad Edge E430 Series LENOVOThinkPad Edge E435 Series LENOVOThinkPad Edge E530 Series
LENOVOThinkPad Edge E535 Series

LENOVO E49 E49A E49G E49AL E49L Series

Lenovo IdeaPad B480 B485 B580 B585 Series

LENOVO M490 M495 Series

Lenovo IdeaPad P580 P585 Series
IdeaPad P580-308723U P580-308725U P585-4575H4U

Lenovo IdeaPad N580 N581 N585 N586 Series
IdeaPad N581 N581 MBA4TGE, N581 MBA84GE, N581 MBA4XGE. N581 MBA4GGE, N581 MBA4VGE , N581 MBA4YGE, N581 MBA88GE N585 751027U N586 754084U

Lenovo Essential G480 Series
Lenovo Essential G480 2814 2184-3PU 2184-3NU 2184-27U 2184-22U 2688-2LU 2688-2NU 2688-2AU

Lenovo Essential G485 G485AX G485AY G485GX G485GY

Lenovo Essential G580 G585 Series
Lenovo G580 (2189) 2189-8CU 2189-8AU 2189-88U 2189-82U 2689-38U 2689-3DU

Lenovo Essential G780 Series

LENOVO V480 Series
V480c V480s V480u

LENOVO V580 Series

LENOVO W560 Series

Lenovo Ideapad Y480 Y480A-ISE Y480P Y480M-IFI Y480N Y485 Series
Y480 2093-4FU 2093-4EU 2093-4SU 2093-4QU 2093-4YU 2093-88U 2093-86U 2093-4WU 2093-84U 2093-4ZU 2093-87U 2093-4XU 2093-83U

Lenovo Ideapad Y580 Y580A Y580M Y580N Y580P Series
Ideapad Y580 2099-4CU 2099-42U 2099-4EU 2099-48U 2099-45U 2099-43U 2099-4BU 2099-46U 2099-4HU

Lenovo Ideapad Z380 Series
Ideapad Z380 2129 2129-38U 2129-32U 2129-33U 2129-34U 2129-39U 2129-35U 2129-3BU 2129-3DU 2129-3HU 2129-3JU

Lenovo Ideapad Z480 Z480AX Z485 Series
Ideapad Z480 2148 2148-35U 2148-3FU 2148-3HU 2148-36U 2148-3BU 2148-3EU

Lenovo Ideapad Z580 Z585 Series
Ideapad Z580 2151 2157 2151-23U 2151-26U 2151-27U 2151-29U 2151-37U 2151-4AU 2151-4CU 2151-3JU 2151-4EU 2151-4FU 2151-35U 2151-3LU 2151-3FU 2151-4DU 2151-34U

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E430 E430C Series
ThinkPad Edge E430 3254 CTO (Intel)
ThinkPad Edge E430 3254-DNU 3254-AHU 3254-AGU 3254-AFU 3254-AEU 3254-ADU 3254-ACU 3
254-AMU 3254-ALU 3254-HJU 3254-HKU 3254-GLU 3254-GKU 3254-GJU 3254-AKU 3254-AJU 3254-ANU

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E431 Series

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E435 Series

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530 E530C Series
ThinkPad Edge E530 3259 (Intel)
ThinkPad Edge E5303259-BSU 3259-BRU 3259-78U 3259-79U 3259-7AU 3259-7DU 3259-7EU 3259-7FU
3259-7HU 3259-7JU 3259-7LU 3259-7CU 3259-EMU 3259-DWU 3259-DVU 3259-DUU 3259-DTU 3259-7BU
3259-7GU 3259-7KU 3259-CBG 3259-CAG 3259-79G 3259-7AG 3259-CGG 3259-9WG 3259-9XG 3259-9ZG
3259-HMG 3259-HKG3259-9UG 3259-9VG 3259-HPG 3259-HNG 3259-7CG 3259-A2G 3259-BQG 3259-C2G
3259-HJG 3259-A3G 3259-A4G 3259-HLG

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E531 Series

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E535 Series

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