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HP Pavilion HDX 9000 180W Smart-Pin AC Adapter - GL690AA#ABA

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HP Pavilion HDX 9000 180W Smart-Pin AC Adapter - GL690AA#ABA

Product Description

HP Pavilion HDX 9000 180W Smart-Pin AC Adapter - GL690AA#ABAInput:100--240V, 50-60Hz (worldwide use)Output:19V 9.5A 180W - Central Pin PlugCompatible Models:HP Compaq Pavilion HDX9000 Series HP Compaq Pavilion HDX9000, HDX9000 CTO, HDX9000T CTO, HDX9001TX, HDX9001XX, HDX9002TX, HDX9002XX, HDX9003TX, HDX9003XX, HDX9004TX, HDX9004XX, HDX9005TX, HDX9006TX, HDX9007TX, HDX9008TX, HDX9009TX, HDX9010NR, HDX9010TX, HDX9011TX, HDX9013TX, HDX9050EF, HDX9050EG, HDX9050EL, HDX9050EO, HDX9050ES, HDX9070EO, HDX9080la, HDX9090EA, HDX9090EF, HDX9095EAHP Compaq Pavilion HDX9100 Series HP Compaq Pavilion HDX9100, HDX9120EA, HDX9130EO, HDX9101TX, HDX9102TX, HDX9103TX, HDX9104TX, HDX9105TX, HDX9106TX, HDX9107TX, HDX9108TX, HDX9109TX, HDX9110TX, HDX9111TX, HDX9130EG, HDX9130EL, HDX9130ES, HDX9150EF, HDX9160EA, HDX9170EO, HDX9190EFHP Compaq Pavilion HDX9200 Series HP Compaq Pavilion HDX9201TX, HDX9202TX, HDX9203KW, HDX9203TX, HDX9203XX, HDX9204KW, HDX9204TX, HDX9204XX, HDX9205TX, HDX9206TX, HDX9207TX, HDX9208TX, HDX9209TX, HDX9210TX, HDX9211TX, HDX9212TX, HDX9213TX, HDX9214TX, HDX9215TX, HDX9216TX, HDX9217TX, HDX9218TX, HDX9219TX, HDX9220TX, HDX9221TX, HDX9222TX, HDX9223TX, HDX9224TX, HDX9225TX, HDX9226TX, HDX9227TX, HDX9228TX, HDX9250EA, HDX9250EF, HDX9250ET, HDX9270EF, HDX9290EF, HDX9290EZ, HDX9200EO, HDX9229TX, HDX9230TX, HDX9270EE, HDX9270EG, HDX9278LA, HDX9280EL, HDX9280LA, HDX9288LA, HDX9290LA, HDX9200 CTO, HDX9201XX, HDX9202XXHP Compaq Pavilion HDX9300 Series HP Compaq Pavilion HDX9301TX, HDX9302TX, HDX9303TX, HDX9301XX, HDX9302XX, HDX9303XX, HDX9304TX, HDX9305TX, HDX9306TX, HDX9307TX, HDX9308TX, HDX9309TX, HDX9310EA, HDX9310TX, HDX9311TX, HDX9312TX, HDX9313TX, HDX9314TX, HDX9315TX, HDX9316TX, HDX9317TX, HDX9318TX, HDX9319TX, HDX9320EA, HDX9320EG, HDX9320ET, HDX9320TX, HDX9321TX, HDX9322TX, HDX9323TX, HDX9324TX, HDX9325TX, HDX9350EB, HDX9350EF, HDX9350EG, HDX9350EL, HDX9350EO, HDX9350ES, HDX9370EE, HDX9390EE, HDX9390EF, HDX9390EL, HDX9399SXHP Compaq Pavilion HDX9500 Series HP Compaq Pavilion HDX9575la

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