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DAC-07B037 Compaq R3000 LCD Inverter for 15 inch Display


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DAC-07B037 Compaq R3000 LCD Inverter for 15 inch Display
Specification: Each inverter is tested before shipping and are 100% working.
Unit: PCS 
Type: Laptop LCD Inverter
Weight: 50.00 g
Condition: Brand New
Warranty: 6 Months
Factory Part Number:

Compatible Models:
NX9100 NX9110 Presario R3400 Series
Presario R3405US Presario R3410US Presario R3470US
Presario R3460US Presario R3440CA Presario R3425US
Presario R3415US Presario R3300 Series Presario R3303EA
Presario R3310EA Presario R3311EA Presario R3312AP
Presario R3313AP Presario R3313EA Presario R3312EA
Presario R3305EA Presario R3309EA Presario R3307EA
Presario R3306EA Presario R3308EA Presario R3304EA
Presario R3314AP Presario R3314EA Presario R3315EA
Presario R3347EA Presario R3320US Presario R3344EA
Presario R3332EA Presario R3356EA Presario R3355EA
Presario R3357EA Presario R3358EA Presario R3360US
Presario R3363EA Presario R3375EA Presario R3380EA
Presario R3354EA Presario R3353EA Presario R3200 Series
Presario R3230US Presario R3240CA Presario R3240US
Presario R3247US Presario R3260US Presario R3275US
Presario R3290US Presario R3210US Presario R3211AP
Presario R3215CA Presario R3220CA Presario R3220US
Presario R3200 Presario R3201AP Presario R3201US
Presario R3202US Presario R3203US Presario R3204US
Presario R3205AP Presario R3205US Presario R3206AP
Presario R3207AP Presario R3209AP Presario R3210AP
Presario R3210CA Presario R3100 Series Presario R3120CA
Presario R3120US Presario R3120CA Presario R3120CA
Presario R3128RS Presario R3128RS Presario R3140CA
Presario R3140US Presario R3150US Presario R3150US
Presario R3190US Presario R3000 Series Presario R3000T
Presario R3000Z Presario R3001AP Presario R3001US
Presario R3003US Presario R3004US Presario R3005US
Presario R3030US Presario R3038CL Presario R3050US
Presario R3055CA Presario R3056RS Presario R3060CA
Presario R3060US Presario R3065US Presario R3070US

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  • Model: DAC-07B037 Compaq R3000 LCD Inve
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